Faith and Courage

I got this quote in my email this morning from Runner’s World. Why I get quotes from Runner’s World I don’t know…I must’ve signed up for them when I was a runner a billion years ago.


This got me thinking…

When I’m working with someone in a counseling program, I always ask her what she envisions for her life once she’s reached her goals– what will her life be like.

I follow that by asking what she thinks/feels is keeping her from getting that life she’s always envisioned.

The answer is usually fear– the fear of failing.

We’re all afraid of failure. Think of all of the opportunities we would miss if we never took risks. If we were afraid to try new things and risk them not turning out the way that we plan. “Risk” is the key word here.

“The courage to risk failure” is a powerful thing.

The courage to take an opportunity and know that what you think will happen might not happen.

The faith and belief in yourself and your potential.

Is your faith in yourself strong enough to take risks if it means having everything you’ve always wanted for your life?

Do you have the “faith and courage to risk failure” if it means realizing your dreams?

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