{Nourished Kitchen} The Nourished Kitchen Guide and Cowboy Cookies

Before I started living a Paleo Lifestyle, baking was one of my favorite past times.

At least once a week you could find me in the kitchen baking oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies.

When I decided to go grain-free, I knew that giving up the cookies (technically a processed food) would only make me healthier.

However, for me, baking was about more than the cookies: it was therapeutic.

Baking, like working out, helps me relieve stress.

Even though I was grain-free, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give up baking.

That’s one of the reasons this blog was born almost three years ago. If you’ve been around, you know that I love to bake, and that I’m still able to bake grain-free treats to enjoy on occasion.

I was so excited when I found Jenny from Nourished Kitchen’s new book, The Nourished Kitchen Guide to Grain-free & Dairy-free baking, Sweets and Treats.

photo(1) There’s a lot more that goes into grain-free baking than just substituting almond flour for regular flour.

I learned that over years of grain-free baking experiments.

I wish I’d had the Nourished Kitchen Guide when I first got started.

In addition to over 90 recipes, The Nourished Kitchen Guide also has tips for how to make grain-free treats the same flavor and texture of your grain-full favorites, and simple substitutions to  convert your favorite sweets into grain-free goodies.

To test out the guide, I decided to make Jenny’s Cowboy Cookies…


 and they did not disappoint. Cowboy cookies are basically chocolate chip cookies with pecans, coconut flakes and raisins.

IMG_4776_1 Seriously. These cookies were ridiculous.

IMG_4781_1 The recipe was really simple and tasted JUST like a floury baked good.

IMG_4784_1 The cookies were dense and chewy– just how I like them.

IMG_4791_1 It’s a good thing I only made half a batch…because it was really hard to stop eating them 😉

I can’t wait to try the other recipes in the book!

All of the recipes are grain-free and dairy-free, which means they’re paleo/primal approved.

Interested in your own copy? Click here to read more about the guide.

One Response to {Nourished Kitchen} The Nourished Kitchen Guide and Cowboy Cookies

  1. Stacey February 26, 2013 at 7:48 AM #

    So true, so true. I was a HUGE baker before going paleo. I was pretty stinkin’ good at it too. Bread, pastries – you name it. But it was the process I loved (though I for sure ate my fair share of the results too!). I have found through this journey that it is following the recipe that I love, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be baking. I have made a couple paleo treats, but trying to keep those to a minimum I find interesting savory recipes to try.

    Great posts – and I just realized you are in my area! I’m about an hour west of Boston. I’m always glad when I enjoy reading a blog and they turn out to be local!

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