{Healthy Life Summit} Free online conference featuring some of the biggest names in real food nutrition

8543236891_28d1eacfd0_z Something’s coming.

Something you definitely don’t want to miss.

The Village Green Network Healthy Life Summit March 24th to 30th!

The Healthy Life Summit is a free online conference where you’ll get to hear from 35 of the most influential people in real food nutrition today.

speakers_collage Presenters range from health experts, authors, and bloggers to doctors and farmers.

Each day you’ll get access to five different presentations on everything from healthy eating to homemade body care, to how to raise healthy babies.

Oh. Did I mention that the conference is Free?

It’s FREE!

Click here to sign up

Worried you won’t be able to listen to all of the presentations? That’s okay– you can pre-order recordings of the entire summit for 75% off!

If you’re an information hound like me, you’ll probably want to listen to these presentations more than once.

If you pre-order the summit before March 23rd, you’ll get the entire summit for $49— reduced from $199. Crazytown. (Click here to pre-order)

Why am I excited for the Healthy Life Summit?

I love, love, LOVE to hear what real food professionals have to say. I’m always learning and growing both personally and as a health counselor. It’s my passion to bring my clients the best information there is– and there’s no better place to learn this info than directly from some of the most respected people in the field of whole food nutrition and holistic health.

Who and I excited to hear at the Healthy Life Summit?

Well, everyone…but here are a few presentations I’m definitely not going to miss:

How to Get your Learning On at the Healthy Life Summit:

Sign up for the Healthy Life Summit today by clicking here.

Or pre-order the Healthy Life Summit before March 23rd to save 75% by clicking here.

Who are you excited to hear from at the Healthy Life Summit? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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