Do you trust your inner body cues?

Do you truly trust yourself when it comes to food?

Do you trust yourself to always make the best choices to fuel your body and your mind?

In an ideal world, everyone would be an Intuitive Eater.

Intuitive Eating implies that you are in tune with your body’s needs—that you’re able to recognize what your body needs and satisfy those needs from a nurturing place.

The underlying premise of Intuitive Eating is that you will learn to respond to your inner body cues, because you were born with all the wisdom you need for eating intuitively. (Source)

But do you trust your inner body cues?

Becoming an Intuitive Eater can be a long and somewhat scary process for a lot of people.

The scariest thing about Intuitive Eating is the freedom to listen to your body’s internal cues.


Because for many of us, we’ve worked for years to give our bodies what we think we need.

What we think we should have.

Instead of what we truly feel we need.

You let your mind tell your body what’s best.

And those thoughts override your inner body cues.

Because you feel your body asking for something you don’t want.

I can’t tell you how many women come to me with the fear that if they don’t do something about their weight immediately, they’re just going to keep gaining weight uncontrollably for the rest of their lives.

You feel your body asking to eat sweets uncontrollably.

You feel your body asking to eat until you’re stuffed.

But, your body isn’t really asking for those things.

When you’re stuck in a diet mentality, you lose touch with those inner body cues.

Dieting = listening to your mind over your body.  Giving your body what you think it needs to lose weight.

Years of dieting basically translates into years of ignoring inner body cues.

Controlling yourself with a diet you think you need instead of having the freedom to listen to your inner body cues. When you follow a strict diet– eating “good” foods and avoiding “bad” foods—you don’t have the freedom to listen to your body.

After years of ignoring your inner cues, you lose touch with yourself.

The longer you ignore your inner body cue, the harder it becomes to hear what your body is truly asking for.

How do you get in touch with what your body really wants/needs after years of ignoring it?

By starting slowly.

By approaching the process with love for your body and your best interests in mind.

Here are few tips for healing communication with your inner body cues so that you can start to listen and trust your body:

Don’t be afraid to feel hungry.

Hunger and cravings are your body’s main way of telling you that it needs something. When you start to feel hungry, or you feel a craving coming on, take a second to acknowledge that feeling. Even if you don’t know what you’re hungry for, it’s important to acknowledge that hunger and learn what it feels like.

Don’t be afraid to feel full.

Respect your fullness.” (Source)

Feel what it means to be comfortably full and satisfied. Acknowledging what it’s like to feel full—to feel like you’ve given your body what it needed.

Focus on nurturing yourself.

Make food choices from a place of love—from a caring, nourishing place. Nurture and feed yourself as you do your own child.

Give yourself some guidelines.

Structure isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to food. Sometimes having food guidelines is a positive thing. If you’ve been on a diet for years, the idea of having total freedom to eat whatever you want can be overwhelming. Having guidelines (notice I don’t call them rules—guidelines are meant to guide you, not restrict you) can help you feel a bit safer in this process.

“Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition. Make food choices that honor your health and taste buds while making you feel well.” (source)

A program like the Nutritional Reset is a great framework within which to experiment. Eating foods that support your health—that both nourish and nurture you—and having outside support to balance the non-food areas of your life can give you a safe space to experiment, grow and have your fresh start.

The path to becoming an Intuitive Eater can be long with lots of ups and downs.

The first step is to get back in touch with those inner body cues– hearing them, even if you’re not sure what they’re saying at first.


Trust that your body will take care of itself as long as you stay attentive, patient and positive.

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4 Responses to Do you trust your inner body cues?

  1. Hayley Hobson March 21, 2013 at 10:52 AM #

    I love this. Trusting our bodies, listening to the subtle cues, is a practice that must be reestablished in our culture. I meet so many disconnected people. It would be amazing if they could teach this to our children in school! Thanks, for this, absolutely loved it.

  2. Josefa March 22, 2013 at 11:40 AM #

    For the longest time I didn’t listen to my body! Now that I do I feel amazing!! Thanks for reminding me how important it is to teach this to my children and clients!


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