Cadbury Mini Eggs: My key to ending feelings of deprivation.

I first posted this last year around Easter, but it’s still relevant today…and has very little to do with Easter…except for the mini Cadbury eggs…


I have a weakness for Cadbury eggs.

The mini eggs specifically. Milk chocolate in a sugary shell…I can’t say no.

I have a fever and the only prescription is more mini eggs.

Easter is spring’s Halloween.

I tend to buy myself lots of chocolate this time of year.

I ate chocolate with abandon up until about 12 hours ago. And now I’m done.

Not because I feel guilty for eating all that chocolate.

I don’t– I actually enjoyed every little egg.

But because I finally made the mind-body connection.

An abundance of mini eggs makes me feel lousy: tired and slow.

It seems crazy, but that’s all it took.

This realization reminded me of an article I read a while back about deprivation and restriction when it comes to eating.

There is a difference between restricting yourself with the goal of losing weight and restricting yourself with your health in mind.

One of the biggest issues I work on with my clients is getting away from feeling restricted or deprived when it comes to choosing foods.

I used to say that there was no such things as “good foods” and “bad foods” in order to get people away from that conventional diet mentality. I still think this is true to some degree, but only when your goal is to lose weight.

There are good foods and bad foods when your goal is health.

These foods vary from person to person.

For example: I can’t tolerate grains or peanut butter. Eating these foods messes with my digestion. So for me, these foods are bad, and I should restrict them from my diet. I don’t do it because I want to lose weight, but because I know that eating these foods makes me unhealthy.

Feelings of deprivation often arise when the restriction is done for the purposes of weight loss.

So the trick to ending restriction and deprivation when it comes to your diet is to make that mind-body connection and genuinely change your goals.

Ending Diet Restriction

Cadbury mini eggs are great in the moment, but they don’t make me feel good in the long-term.

Those “not good” feelings indicate that I’m not treating my body with the love and respect it deserves.

Why would I want to eat food that makes me feel sick?

It’s easier to leave the mini eggs on the CVS shelf when I’m focused on how they make me feel rather than focused on the fact that I can’t have them because they’re not on my weight loss plan.

When your goal is weight loss, it’s easy to get sucked into that self-sabotaging cycle and eat “bad foods” that aren’t “in your diet.”

Everything changes when you honestly focus on health rather than on weight loss.

The hard part is sincerely forgetting about the weight loss and focusing on the health.

RESET your body and truly make the mind/body connection.

Start to hear those and interpret those inner body cues and discover what your body really needs.

The Spring Nutritional Reset can help.

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One Response to Cadbury Mini Eggs: My key to ending feelings of deprivation.

  1. Cheryl at Healing Healthy April 2, 2013 at 12:18 PM #

    Cadbury Mini Eggs!! Oh. My. Goodness!!! How I used to love those things. I would buy several bags throughout the Easter Candy season and then the day after Easter if there were any left on the shelves at 50% off I’d buy several more!!! I could never understand why they didn’t sell them all year round…in different shapes?..they are Deeeeelicious!!!
    I am a recovering sugar addict. I used to eat a pound of candy a day…Sometimes more… This was the first Easter I did not have a grain of sugar!!! I used to think I couldn’t live without the candy…the sugar…but I’ve disovered life is so much better without it!! Thanks for the Cadbury reminder!!

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