{Friday Musings} Things I’ve Been Reading Lately…

IMG_0820 It’s time for another installment of:

Things I’ve Been Reading Lately.



First.  I’m kind of obsessed with…

The Nourished Metabolism

by Elizabeth Walling of the Nourished Life.


I’ve been thinking of writing an eBook, but now I’m pretty sure I don’t have to…this one says it all. Almost EXACTLY as I would say it.

Elizabeth focuses on supporting people to get healthy by focusing on nourishing and nurturing their metabolism (a health related goal as opposed to a weight related goal) by eating real foods, and reducing physical and emotional stress. I read this entire book in one afternoon. Ah-MAH-Zing.

Here are just a few of the topics the book covers:

  • How a Nourished Metabolism Promotes Health and Wellness
  • Why You Should Stop Dieting TODAY
  • How to Balance Nutrients and Energy for the Optimal Metabolism
  • A Balanced Eating Plan that Doesn’t Restrict Food Groups
  • How to Use Supplements the Smart Way
  • Myths About Sugar, Salt and Water
  • The Right Balance of Exercise to Reduce Stress and Boost Your Metabolism
  • How to Get Better Sleep and Feel More Rested
  • Hidden Sources of Stress that You Can Eliminate Starting NOW
  • How to Interpret Your Body’s Biofeedback so You Can Determine What Nourishes Your Metabolism
  • Why Eating What You LOVE May Be the Best Thing for Your Metabolism

This book is super DUPER great! I recommend it to anyone interested in healing their metabolism and working toward shifting their focus from weight to health.

Also: the book is on sale right now– 35% off!

Check it out here

The Hormone Cure

By Sarah Gottfried

I’m also reading the Hormone Cure by Dr. Sarah Gottfried. I got turned on to this book by Dr. Gottfried’s appearance on the  Balanced Bites Podcast a few weeks ago. Balancing hormones is something I’m pretty interested in these days– now that I (personally) have the food piece in place, the fine tuning of hormones is my next step toward reaching optimum health. I’ve been dealing with some stress lately– work is amazing, although very busy– and I was recently told by my chiropractor that I might have some adrenal fatigue-ish things going on. Hence the interest in nourishing my metabolism and balancing hormones.


By Hayley Mason and Bill Staley


Even though this is a cookbook, I’ve been reading it like a book-for-pleasure: planning my next Paleo Gatherings in my mind. I have visions of Paleo Picnics and Summer BBQs dancing around in my head. You can read my review of Gather here.

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What have you been reading lately?



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