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As a health coach and someone who prioritizes eating whole, real foods, I always value finding resources I can trust for all things food.

When you’re first starting to follow a Paleo or Real Food Lifestyle, it’s hard to know where to find reliable information.

Both Paleo and Real Food Lifestyles are what I like to think of as “fringe” lifestyles– they’re unconventional and you tend to find a lot of mainstream information that contradicts what Paleo Real Foodies value.

The Village Green Network is a wonderful place to find all of the information that you need to start experimenting to find the Real Food Lifestyle that works for you.

To make accessing amazing information and real food products easier for you, the Village Green Network now has created the Village Green Premium Network Membership Club.

As a member of the Premium Network, you’ll have access to the best discounts and special offers from the Real Food Community.

Members save on eBooks from the most respected Real Food Authors, online classes, meal plans and giveaways.


Big savings from your favorite bloggers including…


My favorite part of the Premium Network?

The savings on eBook Bundles.

This past spring, Village Green Network hosted an ah-mahzing Spring eBook Bundle– 39 books for $39. It included titles like The Skintervention Guide and Nourished Metabolism— two of my absolute favorite books.

EBooks are the new black.


bullets_banner In honor of this pretty cool beans, newly established premium network,

you can save 20% on VGN Premium the entire month of June.


I think the Village Green Network is the cats meow.

In my professional opinion (did you forget I was a professional? That’s okay…sometimes I do too), this is one of the most trusted Paleo and Real Food Nutrition resources out there.

Reputable brands.

Incredibly knowledgeable bloggers.

The Village Green Premium Network is a great opportunity to take advantage of the best the Real Food Community has to offer.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


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