{Guest Post} Why Should You Bother with Grass-Fed Beef?

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Why should you bother with grass fed beef?

There are two really big reasons that you should; grass fed beef is very healthy for you, and it’s much better for the environment than factory farmed beef.

 The big reason is that grass fed beef invariably has a lower instance of omega six and a higher instance of omega three than grain fed or factory farmed meat.

Omega threes are the things that keep us healthy. These fatty acids are essential for cell regeneration, which we need for pretty much everything.

Omega six, meanwhile, are less helpful to your health. They’re the ones that clog your arteries, give you heart attacks and other nasty health detriments.


The difference between these two is really important for cardiovascular health. Too much omega six over the course of a life time will contribute to giving you a heart attack. Lower levels of cholesterol and higher levels of vitamin A and vitamin E are also evident in grass fed beef.

In short, all those scares about how too much red meat is not good for you can be relieved by subbing factory farmed meat out and adding grass fed meat in.

While it might not be quite as beneficial in this respect as an oily fish like salmon, it is still a guilty free choice for a once a week dinner.


You can recognise it from its deep yellow fat, rather than the white kind of fat. It’s becoming more and more popular with butchers around the world, even though it’s more expensive, because of its sustainability (compared with factory farmed and grain fed) because the manure is less acidic, and less likely to pollute waterways.

We’ve all heard that hilarious (and true) fact about how cow farts contribute to global warming.

Danielle Mcann is a copywriter working with http://www.canningsfreerangebutchers.com.au. When Danielle’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her Golden Retriever dogs for a walk.

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