{Book Review} Beyond Bacon by The Paleo Parents

Ah, bacon.

Possibly the most loved food in the Paleo community.

I love it.

You probably love it.

But what if there was more?

More than bacon?

Beyond Bacon.


Quite possibly the coolest cookbook dedicated to the whole hog.

It brought back memories of how I wanted  pet pig when I was a kid. Seriously. I really wanted one. I actually carried around a little plastic pig toy for a while. I thought pigs were the coolest.


Not only did Beyond Bacon reawaken my desire to raise my own pig, it made me want to eat a whole pig.

Matt and Stacey of Paleo Parents have put together an all-encompassing guide to eating pastured pork. Complete with sections on how to find and afford pastured pork, how to order the whole hog, a history of pig cultivation and amazingly creative recipes.

Oh the recipes!

Featuring all kinds of sausages, smoked recipes, fried lard recipes AND sweet treats.

The most interesting recipe? In my opinion, the Scrapple.

PicMonkey Collage1

I was born in Philly and my entire family is from the Philadelphia area and we all relocated to Vermont.  I grew up hearing my Uncle talk about Scrapple all the time…and ordering it whenever we went out to breakfast on vacation in Ocean City, NJ.

Until this book, I never actually knew what was in Scrapple.

Now that I know (hint: three different kinds of pork offal), I’m not sure I will eat it, BUT if I do decide to try it, I’ll be making it from this recipe.

So, instead of making scrapple, I decided to make The Best Brownies.

PicMonkey Collage

The secret ingredient? Lard.


Yum. Seriously the best brownies ever.

I love this book and I intend to make many much more recipes from it. I mean, my uncle’s birthday comes once a year…can you imagine if I made him homemade scrapple?

As a former vegetarian, it’s still hard for me to think about the animal while I’m eating it. Especially pigs because  I love them so much. Beyond Bacon has given me all of the information I need to feel comfortable eating pasture-raised pigs– the background, how they’re raised, and what questions to ask to make sure I’m getting the highest quality, best raised animals around.

Get this book! You won’t be sorry.

You can find it here on Amazon

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