{Friday Musings} Workout Gear I Can’t Live Without

Weight lifting and Crossfit are pretty big parts of my life.

I absolutely love lifting heavy things.

While my body is the most important tool that I have to do these things that I love, I do have some other tools/toys that I can’t live without.

Okay, so I could definitely live without them…

…but I really like them.

Crossfit and lifting are really my only hobbies these days.

So I figure, why not have some fun toys/gear?

Here are my favorite workout thingies that I could live without, but don’t want to:

My Reebok Crossfit Nanos.

Custom Nanos

All two pairs of them.


The first pair is a custom pair I designed a while back. I liked them so much, when I went to spectate at the Northeast Regionals this year, I got another pair. They’re the best…


In honor of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, Reebok is releasing their newest  Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 in the official 2013 games color, neon cherry. Pretty cool beans.

My Reebok Oly Shoes.


Also the best. I’m pretty sure I added 20# to my back squat with theses shoes…

Knee sleeves.

I tore my ACL in 2007, so I’m pretty paranoid about my knees. I wear these whenever I’m squatting heavy things. They great. And very smelly. Because my knees sweat a lot.

Strength Wraps.

strength wraps

Groove Shorts.


I easily have 6 pairs of these shorts in various colors. Which means I have 12 pairs, because they’re reversible.

Loose Racer back Tanks.

I legit have five of the same shirt in different colors. LOVE it. I even wear them as regular clothing sometimes…


I pretty much have a Crossfit uniform: Groove shorts and a racer back tank top. You will rarely find me working out in a t-shirt…I don’t like my armpits to feel constricted.

Sweaty Bands.

I have curly hair that turns into one big frizz ball whenever I do anything. So I like to have it secured with a headband at all times. Sweaty bands are amazing because they don’t slide or fall off your head…ever.

What kinds of gear/apparel could you live without but choose not to? Feel free to share in the comments below!


One Response to {Friday Musings} Workout Gear I Can’t Live Without

  1. Jaffney July 26, 2013 at 3:16 PM #

    My uniform is almost exactly the same just with a slightly bigger G*Shock watch and lighter lifts! Those new Nanos look awesome!

Thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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