{Workout Review} Modern Barre in Chestnut Hill

I’ve mentioned before on this blog how I used to be a dancer.

Well, I guess I’m still a dancer, but I don’t practice anymore.

Before I discovered Crossfit and weightlifting, dancing was my main form of exercise. I used to take three or four ballet classes a week.

Once I started weightlifting, I stopped dancing–not because I didn’t like it anymore, but because weightlifting was SO much fun that I didn’t have time for anything else.

So this past week when I took a class at Modern Barre in Chestnut Hill, MA, all of my inner dance muscles started tingling.


And by tingling, I mean burning.

As in…they were super fatigued…from neglect.

I think that I’ve been weightlifting and Crossfitting so much that some of the muscles I used to use dancing were weaker than I expected.

All the more reason to keep your workouts varied.

That’s why I’m making visits to Modern Barre a more regular part of my routine.


I took the Beginning Barre & Stretch class at Modern Barre as a way to ease back into using my dance muscles again.

The class was so much fun!

It pulled together movements from all sorts of modalities: pilates, yoga, ballet and even some isolated movements with weights.


There was a BIG emphasis on stretching in this class, which was perfect for me…because I tend to forget to stretch.

We started on the floor warming up, then moved to the barre to do some work with bands and squats, then back to the floor for some core work.


The class wrapped up with an amazing Lavender Cool Down, which was probably the most relaxing part of my week.

Our instructor, Julia, was wonderful!

She also happens to be the owner and she spent two years as a New England Patriots Cheerleader. I have to admit that I was a little nervous going into class– I haven’t taken a true group exercise class in years– but Julia made me feel right at home. She had a way of supporting and pushing each person in the class without singling them out, which is great for socially awkward people like me.

I’ve been having some trouble with my lower back, and after the work in this class, it felt like I’d just been to the chiropractor…in a good way: I strengthened muscles that I don’t use as much in Crossfit and they took a lot of the strain off of my lower back. I felt awesome and energized leaving class!

If you live in the Boston Area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Modern Barre in Chestnut Hill.

Conveniently, they’re having an open house this weekend!


Modern Barre Open House!
Saturday November 23rd 11am – 2pm
Please join us to celebrate the Grand Opening of Modern Barre! Stop in to learn more about our approach, view class demos, and enter our oh-so exciting raffle. Refreshments will be served along with some very special class offers. You won’t want to miss it!

You can RSVP Here

Do you mix it up in terms of exercise? What kinds of workouts do you do on a regular basis? Tell me in the comments below!

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