{Winter Nutritional Reset} Reset Your Food Routine with the 14 Day Winter Nutritional Reset


14 Day Whole Food Cleanse

Bounce back from the holidays with a Winter Nutritional Reset

Everyone feels a little irregular food-wise between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Blame the wild parties, the family events, the gingerbread cookies…

Now is your chance to start feeling lighter and healthier.

Have more energy and cleanse yourself of toxins and excess weight

Rejuvenate your body, feel lighter and clearer

with a 14 day whole food cleanse

Virtual group program runs January 8 to 21, 2014

Register before Sunday, December 22nd @ 11:59PM for the Early Bird Special of $156.00.

This is the guided version of the Personal Paleo Cleanse Program.  The virtual guided program runs three times a year in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

“The Cleanse has been great.  I have been feeling much better than before I started it. I notice a change in the way my pants fit so I think that I have lost some belly fat!” –Sinead C., Somerville, MA

So, what is the Nutritional Reset?

  • The Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset is a whole food cleanse based on the Paleo Framework. Gluten, grains, dairy and legumes (notoriously inflammatory foods) will be eliminated for 14 days. You’ll  be eating whole, real foods including lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and seeds to get your internal system in working order after the winter. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?
  • It takes at least 14 days to cleanse your body of food toxins and closer to 21 days to start developing sustainable new habits. The goal of this cleanse is to get you on track for changing your life—to get you thinking of food as nourishment. Food can change everything. You have the power to change your entire body by changing what you eat.
  • This is a virtual group program, so it can be done anytime, anywhere that’s convenient for you…as long as you have your smartphone or your computer.
  • The Nutritional Reset is perfect for you if you’re curious about Paleo, but think that eliminating grains and dairy is too hard to do on your own. You’ll get personalized support and motivation to easily switch over to a Paleo lifestyle.
  • The Nutritional Reset is perfect for you if you already follow a Paleo diet, but your progress has slowed and you want to jump-start your weight loss.
  • You’ll get my support in the form of two private phone sessions, daily motivational emails and unlimited personal email support
  • Group support is an important part of this cleanse. You’ll be able to connect with others in the program through the private Facebook Group.

 After not feeling motivated to lose the extra 15 lbs. that I had been carrying around for four years, Allison came to the rescue with her Autumn Cleanse diet.   Her cleanse provided me with the proper diet to help me realize which foods were not making me feel good, causing me to gain weight, and depleting myself of energy. Allison provided motivational support along with personal expert advice tailored to me and my particular needs. Allison’s Cleanse gave me more energy and helped me to feel healthier and better about myself and I even started to lose weight! -Sally M., Richmond, VT

What benefits can you reap by cleansing in the winter?

  • Cleansing in the winter will help you move past those feelings of heaviness and fatigue that came along with the holiday seas0n. As living organisms, our bodies change with the seasons. Cleansing  after the holidays will help you shed excess and ease your transition to the warmer weather.
  • During the holiday season, we tend to eat lots of eat foods outside of our usual healthy routines…ahem…gingerbread cookies.  Eating the vegetables in season in the winter can help with your body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Get your blood sugar under control after all of  those comfort foods and sweet treats. Eliminating sugar is your first step toward ending that destructive sugar roller coaster.

I’m absolutely amazed that I don’t have cravings anymore!” –Carole M, Hinesburg, VT

What will happen to you? Well you’ll…

  • Increase your energy by eating foods naturally in season in the winter.
  • Shed excess weight.  The average weight loss is between 5 and 10lbs–and the weight is easily kept off
  • Strengthen your immune system to better combat cold season.
  • Heal your digestion by avoiding potentially inflammatory foods, grains, legumes and dairy.
  • Kick your sugar cravings
  • Clear your mind. Carb and sugar addiction can make you foggy in the brain.
  • Lift your mood. Get your hormones under control and ween yourself off that sugar dependency.
  • Get your metabolism back on track.

I have a nice natural energy. I’m not a hyper person – I don’t use caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, but previously after eating lunch, I used to experience a drop – as if I needed a nap. Now eating few/no carbs, and no sugar, I feel wonderful. I was also surprised that my usual morning nasal stuffiness is gone.  Losing 6 pounds in two weeks was also a huge plus, not one I had counted on. And I was truly NEVER hungry.

–Mary Frances C., Delray Beach, FL

What do you get?

  • A private, pre-cleanse phone consult to discuss your goals and customize your program. I want you comfortable and prepared– this is some YOU time to ask questions and get support. ($85.00 value)
  • Over 90 pages of information in the Nutritional Reset Cleanse PDF guide. ($49.99 value)
  • Recorded classes on everything from anti-inflammatory diets to cravings. Downloaded in Mp3 form through iTunes.  ($79.99 value)
  • A Group conference call at the start of the second week to address your individual issues and obstacles. An opportunity for you to stay connected and get even more personalized attention.
  • Daily motivational emails to lift your spirits and keep your head in the game. ($150.00 value)
  • A Private Facebook Group to get encouragement from your fellow Resetters. A place ask questions, and meet other people experiencing the cleanse.
  • A private, post-cleanse follow-up phone or Skype session to insure that you have the tools you need to succeed in reaching your goals once the cleanse is over. ($50.00 value)

Thank you so much, Allison, for the last three weeks.  I have continued to feel very good throughout the diet…I have lost 6.5 pounds, which also feels great.” –Paula, Shelburne, VT

As a bonus you’ll get

  • Seasonal food lists and shopping lists and meal plans based on winter-time cleansing foods ($29.99 value)
  • Suggested daily practices to get the most out of your cleanse
  • Unlimited private email support for the duration of the program ($125.00 value)
  • A Cleanse kit full of my favorite cleanse goodies SNAIL MAILED to your doorstep. ($75.00 value)

The total value of the program is over $700.00!

As a skeptic about “diets” and “extremes”, I thought working with a health coach would be disheartening.  Instead I found Allison’s style and approach refreshing.  “If this doesn’t work for you, how can we achieve your goals in a way that does?”   Rather than being disheartened, I was re-invigorated and re-commited to exercise and eating right.  I’m looking forward to the next program as a way to stay encouraged as those re-found habits become firmly entrenched! -Geri A., Shelburne, VT

Ready to get back on the right track? Awesome. Here are your next steps:

  • Register for the Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset by clicking the link below.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a welcome email from me with details for how to…
  • Set up your pre-cleanse consult. The official “prep week” starts January 2nd this is when you’ll get your guide and the first week of recordings. During this week, you’ll have a 30 minute phone or Skype session with me to ask questions and get some personalized tips.
  • Get ready to rock the cleanse on Wednesday, January 8th!

So, the big question: What’s your investment?

Well, I’m pretty passionate about the Paleo Framework and what this cleanse has to offer–just check out my blog and you’ll see the proof. As I truly believe that you have the power to change your life by changing what you eat, and I have gotten some wonderfully positive feedback from past cleanse participants, I’m offering a pretty big discount on your personalized Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset.  For you, the investment to enroll in this 14 day, virtual group program is only $195.00!

The Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset

is a pretty sweet deal at


Early Bird Special!

Sign up before Sunday, December 22nd at 11:59PM EST

and the Nutrition Reset is yours for



Cleansed with me before? Contact me for a special returning member price!

Questions? Contact me at Allison@friskylemon.com

You can read what others say about their experiences here

*While this cleanse is well suited for those of any eating background (omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian or vegan), it is best suited for those that incorporate some animal proteins in their diets. If you’re a vegan and you’re interested in cleansing, contact me– This cleanse has been done by strict vegans before with great success, but there are a few extra things you’ll need to know!


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