{Friday Musings} Revisiting Goals for the Winter Nutritional Reset

The Winter Nutritional Reset starts on Wednesday, January 8th.

I couldn’t be MORE excited.

Well, maybe I could…if I won an all expenses paid trip to Italy or the lottery.


Anyhoo. I’m pretty excited.

My body is ready for a little structure after the holidays.

AND some camaraderie.

It’s always easier (even for a Nutrition Nerd like me) to be connected with other people going through the same process.

Knowing that there are others out there with whom you can connect is so important for making lasting change.

That’s why I love the Nutritional Reset so much.

I know you’d love it too.

There’s still time to join us-– you’ll even have the weekend to prepare.

So think about it.

And don’t hesitate to email me  at Allison@friskylemon.com if you have any questions.

Okay. On with the post.

I thought I’d share with you my goals for the Winter Nutritional Reset starting on January 8th.

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, or you actually read what I write, some of this may sound familiar.

Yes, there are things I’m STILL working on. Finding the diet that truly works for you is all about experimentation.

Experimentation takes time.

So, I’m patiently and diligently plugging along.

Where was I? Oh yeah– my goals.

Here is what I’ll be focusing on during my 14 Day Whole Food Cleanse:

1.  Clearing up my danged skin. My face has always given me some trouble. Even when I’m eating squeaky clean Paleo, I still tend to break out every other month. The Nutritional Reset will give me the dietary clean slate I need to really figure out what’s going on here. IMG_4041 2. Cutting back on my morning cup of awesome…err…coffee. Hi, my name is Allison, and I’m a coffee addict. Well, not an addict, but it seems that the closer I get to a Nutritional Reset, the more coffee I realize I’m drinking. Brace yourself: I drink three cups of coffee in the morning…and lately, I’ve been drinking one between 2 and 4 pm. I KNOW. It’s an awful habit. Something inside me screams when I say I’m going to give up my coffee completely…but the screaming just indicates that I SHOULD give it up completely. It’s only three weeks…*sheds a tear of caffeine longing* 386016_207356122689437_100002451528244_412631_2139798798_n

3. Upping my ancestral foods. I’m been slacking on the broth lately and thinking that replacing my coffee with a warm mug of bone broth is a GENIUS idea. 666d5ff6124411e2b9d422000a1fa429_7

4. Expanding my food horizons. I’m pledging to eat all things considered gross by the general population. Do you know I’ve never eaten a sardine before IN MY LIFE? I’m thinking now’s the time to start. So I’ll be eating plenty of liver, maybe a kidney or two, some sardines, and maybe making broth from pig’s feet. Pigs Foot Broth_1

Those are my goals for the Winter Nutritional Reset.

Or rather, my goal is to have more energy, and feel a little bit lighter, and those are the things I’m going to do to make that happen.

Thinking you want to join me?

You can read more about the Winter Nutritional Reset here.

 OR sign up by clicking this link.


Then get ready to rock the whole food cleanse on January 8th!

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3 Responses to {Friday Musings} Revisiting Goals for the Winter Nutritional Reset

  1. Janine Kavanagh December 27, 2013 at 2:05 PM #

    This is sooooo funny. Every time I read your posts it’s like listening to myself! Two words………… Coffee & Skin. Looking forward to my reset with you

  2. jaffney December 30, 2013 at 2:22 PM #

    My goal is more fermented foods like Bubbie’s sauerkraut. And you’re right — no matter how much you love or think about nutrition, it’s always more effective (and more fun) to chase your goals with a group.

Thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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