A Peek Inside my Gym Bag

Sometimes people ask me what’s in my giant gym bag.

Gym Bag 017

Okay…so no one asks, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

My training routine consists of lifting, Crossfit and more lifting.

I like to be prepared for any workout that comes my way…

…which means that I have a gigantic bag.

Full of all kinds of things.


Gym Bag 006

My gym bag has two pairs of shoes in it: my Nanos and my Olys. I love them both dearly. I use the Nanos for everything that isn’t squatting, cleaning and snatching. Both are comfortable, and they make my giant feet look like normal-sized feet.

Socks. Water Bottle. Coffee Mug.

Gym Bag 007

My gym bag also has two pairs of socks at any given time: short socks and tall socks. I always have a pair of short socks, because sometimes I wear my slippers to the gym and I forget to put socks on . The tall socks are for things like climbing ropes…to protect my delicate shins.

You’ll also find a water bottle and the occasional coffee mug for AM workouts.

Grips. Wraps. Sand paper. Gournal. 

Gym Bag 008

I keep various thingies like grips and wrist wraps in my bag for whenever I might need them.

Gym Bag 015 Strength wraps are the best!

Gym Bag 010 M gave me these grips from WODshop for Xmas. I’ve used them a couple of times and they’re pretty great– no more hand tears for me…but that’s also because I keep a piece of sandpaper in my bag to shave off my callouses.

Gym Bag 009

I also keep workout notes in my very own Frisky Lemon Journal.


Gym Bag 012

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for sore muscles. I keep some in my bag so that I can apply it to pesky sore areas ASAP after a workout. The arnica works with your body to relieve pain from muscle soreness. There is another way to ease the pain. Have you ever tried CBD oil? For more details check out https://cbdforsure.com/hemp-bombs-cbd-oil-review/.

Belt and  knee sleeves.

Gym Bag 016

I wear my belt for heavy stuff. I wear my knee sleeve if I’m not carrying my knee pads for work as while working out heavyweights are my favourite (did I ever tell you that story about how I tore my ACL at New England Patriots Cheerleader auditions?) My knee sleeves are by fat the stinkiest thing in my bag. And they stand up on their own…because they’re so smelly. If you have tips for how to make them not smell, tell me…I’m desperate.


Gym Bag 019


Tell me in the comments below! OR if you’re a blogger, blog about it and send me the link!

2 Responses to A Peek Inside my Gym Bag

  1. Kerri C January 14, 2014 at 10:05 AM #

    Great post. I must know where that bag is from, it’s adorable and the most perfect size!

    • Allison January 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM #

      Thanks, Kerri! The bag is from Lululemon! They have great bags…

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