{Free Teleclass} Get Out of Your Diet Box: How to Create Your Own Food Routine.


Do you ever feel like you’re following someone else’s diet rules?

Like you’re not sure what’s best for you or how to listen to your body?

It’s so easy to get confused about what you should be eating– the amount of nutrition information out there is enough to cause analysis paralysis.

When you’re stuck in a diet box, you’re letting a stranger tell you what to eat.

You’re confined by a someone else’s diet rule– someone who doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall.

It’s much harder to reach your health goals when you’re stuck in a diet box. 

Stop following someone else’s plan for YOUR body.

Start listening to your body and creating your own food routine.

That’s why I’m offering this free teleclass– to support you to find a way of eating that truly works for you so that you can permanently reach your goals and start thinking about food less.

Imagine all of the brain-space you’d free up if you could stop worrying about what you’re going to eat!

In this teleclass you’ll learn:

  • How to start creating a personalized diet that truly works for you.
  • Tips to eat foods you enjoy and not deprive yourself.
  • The basics of Intuitive Eating-– listening to your inner body cues.
  • How whole foods strengthen your inner body cues. 
  • Your first steps to start your new, healthy life.

As a Health Counselor, I support people just like you to reach their health goals, increase their energy, and feel great in their body.

My  intention with this free teleclass is to support you to start tuning in to your inner body cues so that you can create your own, personalized diet and heal your relationship with food.

So that you can start living the life you’ve always wanted and stop thinking so much about food.

Everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the teleclass, free handouts and a special gift!

Teleclass Details:

Get Our of Your Diet Box: How to Create Your Own Food Routine

Tuesday, February 11th at 8pm EST*

Click Here to Sign Up!

Feel free to email me at Allison@friskylemon.com for more information!


*If you can’t make the live class, don’t worry! You’ll get a copy of the recording AND the free gifty that comes along with the class just for signing up!

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