{Cave Cravings} A Little Box of Paleo-Goodness Delivered to Your Doorstep

Cave Cravings: Satisfied.

Last week, on a cold, snowy day, a little box of goodness appeared on my doorstep.

BananaCookies 010

It was a box full of Paleo Goodies.

Just in time for my mid-morning macaroon craving.

The little box of goodness came from Cave Cravings.

Cave Cravings delivers healthy natural, paleo-friendly snacks and sweet treats to your door on a monthly basis.

You never know what you’re going to find…

…but you know it’s going to be a delicious, healthy version of some of your favorite snacks and treats.

I was really excited to open up my Cave Cravings box– I’m always looking for new, delicious paleo treats.

PicMonkey Collage

Like these super chewy Radical Raspberry Lemon Bars from the Bearded Brothers. So dense and delicious and not too sweet.

BananaCookies 019

Coco-Roons from Wonderfully Raw. These little babies are magic.

BananaCookies 026

Caveman Cookies! These little guys are perfect for a little snack.

BananaCookies 022

And, of course, some jerky from Grass-fed Beef!

Cave Cravings is a really cool way to explore new , high quality natural Paleo products. I mean, they’re delivered right to your door…and someone else finds them for you so… It’s also really fun to get your own little care package once a month! Snail Mail is the best.

You can follow Cave Cravings on Facebook and Twitter to get the lowdown on their natural treats.


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