{Friday Musings} Embracing My Non-Girly-Girl-Ness

I’ve never been a girly girl.

Sometimes I try, but I feel like I always kind of miss the mark.

Like I get dressed up and wear heels, but my hair is in a bun with a headband.

Or I haven’t showered.

Or I’m wearing a tank top that I bought in middle school.

I used  I try to be a girly girl, but it never really panned out.

I’ve only had one manicure in my entire life.

I’ve never had a pedicure.

I’ve been tomboy-ish for as long as I can remember.

Playing soccer with the boys in second grade.

Playing boys in the school play. (My first starring role was The Fantastic Mr. Toad in Wind in the Willows in 6th grade).

I like being a tomboy.

I stopped trying to be a girly girl…it just wasn’t me.

Another instance of me trying to be something that I’m not. 

I don’t need to be a girly girl to feel beautiful.

I can feel beautiful with my gross barbell hands.

photo (11)

I can feel beautiful in my jeans and sneakers.

Accepting my non-girly-girl-ness was empowering.

It was like truly accepting myself for who I am.

Wh0 is not a girly girl.

I’m okay with being a grosskid and being kind of dirty all the time.

It’s me.

I embrace and accept myself for who I truly am. I am comfortable in my skin and empowered by my acceptance.



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