{Friday Musings} Roll with the punches because your life WILL get punched.

Things in life often don’t go as planned.

I’m never surprised when things don’t turn out the way I think they’re going to.

When I have a goal and a path and I hit a bump in the road that’s out of my control.

I’ve learned to relinquish control of things I can’t really control.

And to fill that control-void with positive thoughts.

That’s about all you can do when life doesn’t go as planned: when your life gets punched.

Well, that and continue to roll with the punches and to continue to move forward.

Always moving forward and looking for new opportunities to reach your goals.

Deep breath

Move forward, look for new opportunities and continue to think positive thoughts to manifest how you want things to turn out.

But remember to be flexible: to roll with the punches.

Because your life will get punched. It’s a fact.

Smile, absorb the punch and move forward.

What do you do when your life gets punched? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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