{Book Review} Eat the Yolks by Real Food Liz, NTP

This book will change the way you think about food.

No doubt.

You’ll never be able to read another fitness magazine without laughing.

and laughing and laughing

and wishing that you could give the editor of said fitness magazine a copy of Eat the Yolks.

Eat the Yolks is a witty, seriously entertaining, myth-busting guide to Real Food.

Liz Wolfe, NTP takes the REAL facts and presents them in a way that everyone can understand and in a way that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Eat the Yolks is all about busting food myths and fighting food lies: the nutrition myths/lies that we all grew up knowing as fact.

  • Cholesterol will give you heart disease.
  • Saturated fat is bad.
  • You need fiber from whole grains to survive. 

If you’re new to the Real Food Community, it might surprise you to find out that those are all myths. Even if you’re not new to the Real Food Community, it might still be hard to believe that those statements are myths. If you’ve ever worried about your cholesterol, or limited your fat intake– even on a Paleo/Real Food diet– you should read Eat the Yolks.

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In Eat the Yolks, Liz busts myths all over the place.

She takes those studies that we knew to be food law (like the diet-heart hypothesis of Ancel Keys), goes behind the scenes of the study and tells us what REALLY went down. All in a way that’s fun to read (aka filled with awesome movie references), and in a way that’s easy to understand and explain to your crotchety, confrontational Aunt Marge.

After reading this book, you’ll know WHY some of the foods we’ve been told are bad, are actually some of the most important foods to optimum health:

Natural saturated fat is not just better for you than anything the crop oil industry has ever created, it’s flat-out spectacular. It’s even more amazing than beating your husband in Virtual Scrabble because the word za is in the online dictionary.

After reading this book, You’ll have some fact-backed arguments to fuel your nutrition conversations. You’ll sound really smart and new-aged. 

Fight Food Lies and Eat the Darned Yolks.

On a personal note: I wish I had this book when I was 22.

When I was 22, I distinctly remember thinking how cool I was for eating all processed, man-made foods.

Looking back, I want to gently kick my 22-year old self in the bum and say “WAKE UP DUMMY!”

I would spread margarine on my whole grain toast that went along with my 4 egg white omelette with low-fat cheese, and eat a Dannon Lite ‘n’ Fit yogurt for lunch.  Wash down my non-fat yogurt with a diet coke and a tootsie roll pop.

I kid you not.

I remember going to Whole Foods once for vegetable oil.

And then leaving because they didn’t carry vegetable oil (only canola oil), and seeking it out at another store.

Lucky for me, I discovered Paleo not too long after those years and came to my senses.

Also lucky for me, I discovered Liz not long after jumping into Paleo. Liz, and he approach to nutrition and eating, played a big role in forming my view of nutrition, how I think about food myself, and how I coach my clients.

Liz’s hilarious wisdom has been a big influence to me. By following her blog and listening to the Balanced Bites Podcast, I’ve been able to reach the my best health ever by following a lot of her advice. I’ve cleared my skin with the Skintervention Guide, and lost of my fear of fats and organ meats at her (indirect) urging.

Lucky for all of us, she wrote this book to share her wisdom.

Lucky for YOU, I’m giving away a copy.


Eat the Yolks

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Do you eat your yolks? Have you always? Or did you used to throw them away like me? Share in the comments below.


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