8 Tips for Becoming a More Confident & Inspiring Woman

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to this article on Facebook: 8 Inspired Tricks for becoming a more confident woman.

I was told by one of my lovely followers (who also happens to be an old friend and a woman by whom I am inspired) that I could write a better article in my sleep.

So…I decided to take her up on that.

But I wrote it while awake.

And it’s not better– it’s just different.


8 Tricks for Becoming a More Confident Woman (aka a Frisky Lemon):

 1. Smile. No mean resting faces here. Smiling is important–even if you’re not feeling it, smiling can change your mood. Confidence and joyfulness go hand in hand. Smile and be joyful.

2. Move in a way that empowers you. Feeling physically strong is one of the most confidence boosting things ever. Feeling like you can physically do anything helps you mentally feel like you can do anything. Work out in a way that inspires and empowers you–whether it’s Zumba, training for a 5K, or doing a Crossfit class. Find something you love and do it often.

3. Take quiet time outs. Every day, take some time to be quiet. To focus on things going on in your head. To get in touch with what’s going on inside. Whether this means reflecting on the day, practicing gratitude or mediating, being quiet (aka no TV, no cell phone, no ipod) is important for getting in touch with the confident woman within.

4. Listen and observe. Listen, listen, listen: the answers are in the silence. *Silence*

5. Give empathy and support often. Share yourself with others–especially the things that are hard for you. Sharing the hard things helps people identify with you– and when people identify with you, you can support them more easily. Helping them will come naturally .

6. Create in a way that inspires you. Be creative in a way that inspires you. You can write, you can paint, you can sing or dance– nurture your creative self in a way that inspires and empowers you (similar to nurturing your physical self with movement).

7. Laugh at yourself. Bask in your awkwardness and laugh at yourself. Be totally weird and unique. Try not to be self-conscious about your awkwardness. Embrace it…people will be jealous.

8. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid (or too proud) to seek out help. Always moving forward and progressing means that you’re bound to encounter unfamiliar situations. In those situations, accepting insight from others will only help you continue to move forward.

To me, being a confident woman doesn’t mean that you’re perfect.

It doesn’t mean that you know what you’re talking about all the time or that you’re completely sure of your decisions all the time.

It means that you have passion and that you follow through with that passion. That you’re strong and brave (most of the time) and even though you might have no idea where you’re going in life, you’re always moving forward.

What does being a confident woman mean for you? Tell me in the comments below.


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