6 Tips to Start Loving Your Body


I’ve been thinking a lot about a video that I watched last week. (Click the link to watch the video)

Thinking a little about the video itself…

…and a lot about how it made me feel.

Incredibly sad.

Like “sorrow to my core” sad.

Like “couldn’t shake that feeling for a few hours” sad.

I was sad enough to share the article with my weekly newsletter list…and to tell them that I cried.

I cried for the woman in the video that hated her body.

I cried for all of the women who described their bodies as “disgusting.”

I cried because the video reminded me of what it felt like to hate my body.

Feelings I haven’t felt in a really long time.

In fact, that feeling of remembering what it felt like to hate my body was shocking.

Because it meant that no matter how hard I pretended, I really did hate my body.

Mostly, I cried because I don’t want any one to feel like that ever again.

Hating my body made my life exceptionally hard to bare.

One of the reasons I became a Health Counselor was to support people to start loving their bodies so that they could start enjoying ,and even loving, their lives.

Loving your body is a journey.

It’s not always a smooth journey– in fact, there are usually bumps in the road.

Bumps where you don’t feel the best about yourself or you don’t feel the best about the journey itself.

Here are 6 Tips to Start Loving Your Body so that you can start enjoying your life:

1. Acknowledge that you might not love your body as much as you could.

This is tough: acknowledging body hate is hard because it’s often associated with failure. Dissociate it with failure. It’s not failure: it’s just where you are right now. Acknowledge and accept it as the truth.

2. Make the commitment to eat mostly real, whole foods.

Eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, high quality animal protein and healthy fats will help you feel healthier. You’ll feel like you’re doing good things for your body–treating your body well.

Eating real food will help strengthen your inner body cues and make it easier to listen to what your body truly needs.

When you’re hearing your body clearly, it’s easier to treat it well and to love it.

3. Start to imagine what your life will be like when you love your body.

What will you life look like? What will it feel like? Will you be more carefree? Will you have more energy to devote to the things that you love? Grab a blank journal and start creating.

4.  Make a list of all of the things you DO love right now.

A list of all of the things for which you are grateful. Your house, your family, your dog, your job. Cultivate feelings of gratitude for all of the good things in your life.

5. Make a list of all of the things you DO love about your body.

It’s okay if there’s only one or two things to start– it’s not a failure if you can only think of one or two things– it’s just where you are right now. What do you love about the body you have right now?

6. Practice patience and persistence.

With things like body love, you never really know when they’re going to fall into place: when you’re going to find that perfect balance. Continue to remind yourself of the things that you love about your life and your body.

Body love is a journey. You may not get there in a month or even a year.

But you’re working on it and that’s the important thing.


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What are your tips for body love? Tell me in the comments below!

p.s. If you feel like you could use some support, that’s exactly what I provide as a Health Counselor. Email me to get the conversation started. 


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