{Friday Musings} Fancy Pizza Sunday


We have a weekly tradition in my family.

Fancy Pizza Sunday.

When this tradition started, we would order a buffalo chicken pizza from our favorite Italian restaurant.

And it would always be delicious…

…but our guts would be sad the next day.

We stopped Fancy Pizza Sunday for a while when we first started Paleo five years ago.

There was no room for pizza.

But, as we became old pros, and started to find our “perfect” food routine, Fancy Pizza Sunday made a comeback.

Now, instead of ordering pizza takeout, we make our own, gluten-free pizzas (sometimes with cheese, sometimes without).

And they’re about forty billion times tastier than that doughy buffalo chicken pizza we used to get.

We found a grain-free pizza crust that we love from Against the Grain Gourmet, and we get creative with the pizzas.

We like chicken & bacon, pesto & tomato, bacon & arugula, and M makes a delicious beef taco pizza with grass-fed ground beef.

For us, Fancy Pizza Sunday helps with the balance of our food routines.

We’re able to feed ourselves delicious, high quality food that we love, and still feel healthy and happy.

I love making my own pizzas– my most recent creation was a pear, caramelized onion, blue cheese, arugula & walnut pizza…. So good.

What kind of healthy traditions do you have that help you feel balanced, healthy and happy with your food routine?

P.s. If you could use some support finding balance in your food routine, shoot me an email! We’ll get the conversation started…

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