{Book Review} The Paleo Kitchen (Giveaway!)

OMG you guys.

I think I’ve found my new favorite cook book.


paleokitchen 001

The Paleo Kitchen.

It’s got everything a modern cave girl could ever need.

From How to Start Your Paleo Journey, to Getting to Know Your Body to How to Cook Smarter to How to Stick with Paleo.

paleokitchen 005

Tons of extremely valuable information for everyone–whether you’re completely new to Paleo or an old Paleo pro.

George of Civilized Caveman and Juli of PaleOMG have created a Paleo Masterpiece that takes the intimidation out of your entire Paleo Journey– from getting started to actually cooking.

I have to say that my favorite part of The Paleo Kitchen is its emphasis on really getting to know your body through the Paleo diet.

Paleo can help you understand your body and its needs, making it easier to create a diet of nourishing food that is customized to your needs. “

Love it.

It’s not often that you read a cookbook that encourages you to use it as a tool to create your own food routine.  George and Juli not only provide tools and guidance for you to start creating your own food routine, they provide some amazing, simple recipes to fill in your personal framework.

I’ll admit when I first got the book I was a little afraid that the recipes would be complicated. After seeing beautiful pictures from the book floating around the internet, I assumed that it would be hard work to re-create these amazing-looking dishes.

BUT that’s SO not the case.

Yes, all of the recipes look amazing (there’s a picture for pretty much every single one of them), BUT they’re all surprisingly simple.

Most recipes have 4 or 5 steps, which, for someone who’s eyes glaze over when faced with more than 5 steps, is awesome.

I made The Perfect Burger for dinner the other night…

burger 009

and they were pretty much perfect.

burger 011

The Avocado Mousse is ridiculous.

The Paleo Kitchen is totally my kind of cookbook.

Simple, beautiful recipes.

Encouraging tips and tricks.

A truly nourishing and nurturing guide to making Paleo your own.

paleokitchen 003

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