{My Paleo Pal} A Visual Food Journal

So…I like taking pictures of my food.

I mean, that’s why I started this blog 5 years ago.

I like taking pictures of food.

I also like to keep a food journal.

As a Holistic Nutrition Counselor, I think a food journal is one of the most valuable tools you can use when working to make changes to your food routine to reach your health or weight loss goals.

A food journal bring another layer of mindfulness to what you’re eating– it make you stop and think more about your food before you eat it.

For me, calories and macronutrients are not the most important part of my clients’ food journals.

The most important part is paying attention to your inner body cues by writing down (or even just thinking about) how hungry you are before you eat and how satisfied you are after you eat.

These inner body cues are what you will use to create your own food routine (“Your Name Here” Diet), and paying more attention to them will help you get a feel for when your body wants to eat, what it wants to eat and how much.

A good food journal is one that you actually like keeping.

And for some people, writing everything down in a paper notebook, or in an app isn’t the way to go.

That’s why I like the MyPaleoPal app.

It’s a visual food journal. Kind of like Instagram, except only pictures of food.


You can follow other people to see what kinds of meals they’re eating, or you can keep your journal private and use it just for yourself.


It’s a great way to get ideas for meals, and to be a part of a food-community that’s supportive and encouraging.


There are also lots of well-known Paleo People on the app. You can follow them and see what they’re eating IRL (in real life).


If you’re looking to make permanent change in your diet and your life, a food journal is a great place to start.


Head to the app store and download it for free today!


How do you keep your food journal? Do you use an app? Or handwrite it? Share in the comments below!


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