Life Basics Organics Honey-Sweetened Traditional Teas

I have a super cool company to tell you about.

It’s called Life Basics Organics.

And they’re all about the bees.



Life Basics Organics makes delicious traditional teas that are all bee friendly.

Bee Friendly means that every ingredient in our products is 100% organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade (when applicable), and pesticide free,” says Co-founder Sushma Chatterjee. “We have personally visited every single source of our ingredients to ensure that our products are truly clean. We dedicate a portion of our earnings on efforts to save the bees and actively work with bee farmers in the Midwest to move bee colonies away from corn and soy fields.”

Saving bees and other pollinators is a cause near and dear to me.

About 1/3 of all the food we eat need pollinators to exist. This includes all kinds of fruits, veggies and coffee and chocolate.

Without pollinators, humans wouldn’t be around for very long.

Any company that is conscious of pollinators is a good one in my mind.

Life Basics Organics is raising awareness about pollinators through their delicious traditional teas.


They have seven different flavors that have all been formulated by co-founders Indra and Sushma Chatterjee. The recipes are based on their travels and extensive kitchen experimentation:

  • The Original Turkish Tea – sweet black tea with pomegranate juice
  • The Original Persian Tea – refreshing black tea with turmeric
  • The Original Brazilian Tea – spicy yerba mate with rainforest spices
  • The Original Indian Tea – stimulating Masala Chai black tea with Indian spices
  • The Original English Tea – smooth black tea with smoky finish
  • The Original Thai Tea – tropical black tea with hints of vanilla
  • The Original Mandarin Tea – smoky Wulu Green Tea with ginger


The flavors are unique and delicious and sweetened naturally with honey and fruit juices.


My favorite was the Turkish Black Tea.

If you’d like to support Life Basics Organics, you can do so through their Indiegogo Campaign.

Life Basics Organics is calling on the community to reach a $60,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, offering perks ranging from Bee Friendly stickers to Work+Shelter organic cotton totes and tees to Life Basics Organics teas to a 30-day cleanse to limited-edition opportunities including a behind-the-scenes Startup Experience and a chance to get inside the Founder’s Circle. The company encourages supporters to help spread the word on the importance of honey bees. The campaign will officially launch on 10/13/15 and will be active until 11/22/15.

Find the Life Basics Organics crowdfunding campaign here

For more info about Life Basics Organics, check out this sweet Youtube video

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