Let’s Remix Your Body Image…

Body image used to be a weird thing for me.

Weird in that I had a totally disconnected image of myself.

Which is weird, because I refused to look at an image of myself…

It’s true. There was a time that I couldn’t even look at my reflection in a mirror or a store window. If I caught a glimpse I would instantly dry heave and vow to only eat lettuce and work extra hard at the gym. (Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but not too much…which is scary).

I had a pretty bad body image.

And it took me a really long time to embrace my shape and feel good about my body the way that it is.

Which is why I’m SO excited about my friend Summer Innanen Nutritionist Extraordinaire’s new book, The Body Image Remix.


Because it’s a fantastic guide to connecting with your badass self and becoming the You that you’ve always wanted to be.

I LOVE this book because it’s all about breaking down what body love really means and making it REAL.

Summer makes body love accessible and attainable.

She recognizes that it can be terrifying to let go of your ideal body– to drop your “perfectionist shield.”

Summer recognizes that having a good body image is a process. A process with cycles and ups and downs. Body Image Remix reassures you that the process is NOT impossible– and gives you concrete action steps to start gently working toward being your Future Badass Self.

Did I mention the book is hilarious?

I wish she had an audio book version…I would listen to it all day long.

Summer’s wit is on par with Mindy Kaling…seriously.

There was a time when the size of my jeans dictated my happiness. I even slept in a pair of size 4 Abercrombie jeans that I wanted to wear to my college reunion so that they would fit me better…

I only wish that I had found Summer back then…because life would have been so much easier. And I feel like I would have become my Future Badass Self much faster.

AND. I have some good news for you.

You can get a free copy of Body Image Remix on November 27th!

Click here to get your free copy


Check out Summer’s Interview on At the Table with Allison and Jessi! 

Check out My interview on Summer’s Fearless Rebelle Radio!

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