4 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


I don’t know about you, but I look forward to this time of year pretty much all year long.

I love the family traditions– the meals, the foods, the job and warmth.

I love the weather– it’s getting colder so I can bundle up in sweaters and boots etc.

I love the holiday cheer…

I look forward to this time of year because I look forward to ENJOYING this time of year.

And it’s hard to enjoy myself if I’m under the weather.

The holiday season just so happens to coincide with cold season…which is silly, but a reality. For whatever reason, we’re more prone to the common cold during the holiday season– whether it’s closing up the windows and lessening air flow, or eating more foods that might compromise your immune system.

SO. Here are 4 tips to help you stay healthy during the holiday season: 

Support Your Gut.

Your digestive tract and your immune system are intricately intertwined. If your digestion is off, you immune system is probably off. Working to heal your gut by eating lots of anti-inflammatory foods that work for YOU is very important. I recommend following your personalized healing diet MOST of the time this holiday season so that you can really enjoy all of the special holiday treats you want to eat.

If you need some help creating your personalized healing diet, check out my Heal Your Gut Starter Kit. 

Support Your Liver.

Your liver is your body’s main detoxification organ– and during the holiday season it can get overburdened. I know that I tend to eat sugar and drink alcohol more often during the holiday season– for me, that’s part of enjoying myself and enjoying the holidays. Sugar and alcohol can be really hard on your liver, which is responsible for filter EVERYTHING that gets absorbed into your blood stream. I recommend supporting your liver by being mindful of your sugar and alcohol intake– make sure that you really want it and that you’re really going to enjoy it! Eating dark green leafy veggies helps too.

Support Your Adrenals.

Although the holidays are a wonderful time of year, they can also be a stressful time of year. Maybe you work in retail, or your Mother In Law stresses you out…take time to incorporate some stress relief into your daily routine. This could mean getting exercise every day, mediating, or writing in a gratitude journal. Active stress relief will help you enjoy the holidays more AND support healthy adrenal function to keep you feeling good.

Boost Your Nutrient Intake.

Getting more antioxidants into your day is a great way to boost immunity and support your gut and liver health. Make sure that you’re eating lots of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to balance out all of the special holiday foods. The darker in color, the more nutrient dense– so go for things like kale and collard greens, pomegranate and beets.

I’ve gotten into the habit of adding some Superberries Organic Aroniaberry Concentrate to my water bottle in the morning and sipping on it throughout the day.


The Aroniaberry is SUPER high in antioxidants that supports eye, joint and cardiovascular health, and, according to the Superberries website,

Aroniaberries provide the most balanced protection against the five most common free radicals which can lead to illness. Science has confirmed diets rich in antioxidants can help maintain good health.


I love how purple the concentrate makes my water– it’s so full of nutrients that it’s almost black! The Superberries concentrate tastes really great too. It’s not very sweet, which I like. It has a nice, mild berry flavor that I actually enjoy sipping.

You can get some of the Superberries concentrate over on the Superberries website!

Use the code PurpleFriday for extra savings on Black Friday!

What are your tips for staying healthy over the holidays? Share them in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Superberries. The opinions and text are all mine.

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