How Do You Measure Your Progress?

How do you measure your progress-

 A fellow Health Coach posed an interesting question that really got me thinking…

“In a world without technology, how would you measure your progress?”

Meaning: in a world without a scale or body fat calipers or measuring tapes, how would you measure your progress.

This got me thinking about how we usually gauge the movement toward our goals.

And about the goals that we tend to set in general.

When it comes to goals, especially goals around health and weight, things can get tricky. We try to focus on health goals, but often those pesky weight loss goals sneak in there.

Don’t get me wrong– there is nothing wrong with weight loss goals. They just tend to have baggage and judgement attached to them. Weight loss goals can be useful– especially if you’re struggling with a cardio-metabolic issue– like prediabetes, hypertension or high triglycerides.

It’s really the weight loss goals that are the problem– it’s how we approach them.

Like I said, they’re often laced with judgement and baggage.

Weight loss gets much harder when you focus on the number on the scale– rather than on all of the positive changes that you’re making to your diet and your life to change the number on the scale.

Focusing on the habits rather than the outcome can ease a lot of the stress around weight loss.

When you’re focused on the number on the scale, you may lose sight of the ultimate goal– better health and happiness. The number on the scale can be a powerful thing if you let it. It can have the power to lift you up, it can have the power to ruin your day. Don’t let it. Forget it.

Focus on the habits– all of the good things you’re doing to nourish yourself– rather than the outcome– the weight on the scale.

What are the positive changes that you’re making in order to reach your goals?

Eating more leafy greens?

Getting your probiotics and fermented foods? 

Being an intuitive exerciser? 

Focus on how much you’re changing your habits rather than on the number on the scale.

So I ask you: if the scale didn’t exist, how would you measure your progress toward your goals?

Share your answer in the comments below!

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