What’s Your Holiday Thrival Plan?

The Holidays are probably my favorite time of year.

I love the lights, I love the family gatherings….and I really love the food.

It’s about that time of year when you start to see tons of articles online about how to “stick with your diet” and “how to lose weight” over the holidays.

I’m totally not into that. 


I want to enjoy myself. I want to eat the foods that I want to eat AND I want to feel energetic and HAPPY about the food that I’m eating.

So this year, instead of putting together a plan to “survive” the holiday season without sacrificing your health, let’s put together a plan to “thrive” during the holidays while respecting your health.

To me, thriving during the holidays means: 

  • Eating foods that truly make you feel good,
  • Eating a balance of foods that you don’t usually eat (gingerbread cookies and eggnog),
  • Focusing on Family and Friends over food,
  • AND, most importantly, feeling happy and ENJOYING the holidays!
So. What is YOUR Healthy Holiday Thrival Plan? 

How will you plan to enjoy the holidays and also keep the balance of your healthy routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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