{Product Review} The HGAbox by Healthy Green Athlete


I recently had the opportunity to check out a pretty cool subscription box created by my fellow health coach, Karen Simpson of Healthy Green Athlete. (You might remember Karen from her guest post on the blog a few years ago, “Crossfit or Boobs? The Choice that Changed My Life.“)

The HGAbox is a care package full of products that are all natural and eco-friendly. The boxes are curated with athletes in mind to help them eat better, recover faster, and establish a connection with nature.

Karen strives to include products that will help at boost athletic performance, aid in recovery and promote overall well-being.

Each product in the box “Each brand and product chosen to be included in each box must align with Healthy Green Athlete’s 4 core values: personal well-being, excellence, teamwork and environmental stewardship.”

My HGAbox was chalk full of goodies. Things for the foodie like Yumbutter Superfood Sunbutter and WholeMe Snack Clusters (which were SOOOOO good!),

and things for the athlete like Life Element Action Wipes and Rooted Athlete Deodorant.

I also got an AMAZING smelling travel-sized candle from Westborough Wicks and some Jahmu Chai to support my stressed out brain.

I LOVED the HGAbox.

The products were all things I was excited to use and it introduced me to some really great products I hadn’t heard of and gave me a few of my faves (like Vermont Smoke and Cure Turkey Sticks).

I also appreciated the care that went into selecting products that are all environmentally friendly and made with all natural, whole food ingredients.

If you’re interested in getting your own HGAbox, www.hgabox.com

Make sure to use the code FRISKYLEMON20 to get 20% off of your subscription!

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