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Banana Bread

Too Good Banana Bread

I probably eat about half a banana a day. “That’s BLASPHEMY!” some of you might be saying. “I thought bananas were too high in sugar to eat them everyday.” Maybe. I’ve found that my system tolerates bananas better than other fruits like apples and pears. And that I love me a half a banana with […]

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Sometimes I eat fruit for breakfast…just fruit.

It’s true. Breakfast can be difficult. First there’s the waking up thing– and I guess the sleeping well thing comes even before that. Then there’s the being hungry thing. And finally, the time to cook thing. More often than not, I’m not hungry when I wake up. So sometimes I skip breakfast. That’s okay with […]

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Banana Coconut Chocolate Pecan Muffins

Every Sunday, M and I make brunchfeast. Brunchfeast = an elaborate meal incorporating both breakfeast and lunchfeast foods. M makes the bacon. I bake the grain-free goodie. This past Sunday, I was going to make banana bread. My plans quickly evaporated when I realized I didn’t have most of the ingredients I needed. So I […]

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