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Spicy Butternut Meat Muffins

In addition to pumpkin, I also love butternut squash. One of the most comforting comfort dishes I’ve ever made is Melicious’ Velvety Butternut Squash. Why do I love it so much? The combination of sweet squash and the spices of Ras el Hanout. Ras el Hanout can make any meal taste exceptionally exotic. Since reading […]

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Most Amazing Beef Burgers with Onions and Bacon

If you’ve ever met me in person, chances are I’ve mentioned beef burgers. Probably more than once. They’re usually my go-to meal example when taking people through a day of Paleo eats. Probably because I eat them every day. Kidding. Not every day…but often. Like last night. I ate a beef burger last night. This […]

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Pesto Beef Burgers Stuffed with Mozzarella

We eat a lot of burgers at my house. A lot. Instead of doing our usual “burger mess” last week, I decided to combine two of my favorite things, beef and pesto, and make delicious pesto beef burgers…with a surprise inside! Pesto Beef Burgers Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef (preferably grass fed) 3 Tbsp basil […]

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Cumin Lime Steak Tips

Dear world; You know I love steak tips. Well, here is another steak tip recipe. Go with it. Love, Allison Anyway. I started reading this really amazing grilling cookbook that M got for Christmas. I love that the subtitle is “400 ways for grilling anything.” They mean that: there are recipes for some crazy meats […]

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Cinnamon Steak Tips

Believe it or not, I sometimes get lazy when it comes to cooking. Shocked? I thought not… One of the wonderful things about Paleo meals is their ability to be totally simple, yet delicious. I capitalize on this simplicity at least once a week. For example, yesterday I defrosted some steak and then stuck it […]

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Yet Another Burger Mess…

Burger Mess is my favorite meal. There are so many possibilities! If I had to name my favorite food flavor combination is would be: sweet potato (w/ pastured butter…yum) bacon fried eggs avocado Those four things on top of a burger…well… that’s perfect dinner insanity. The burger mess included a mixed greens salad and baked […]

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Slow Cooked, Grass Fed Beef Chili

Slow Cooked, Grass Fed Beef Chili

Let me start by saying M loves chili. Chili and meatloaf. Every time I make either of those dishes he says: “you know, you could make this every week…” So…I might…make it every week…maybe. I mean, it’s pretty yummy… I made this recipe for M’s work Christmas party and he’s been asking for it ever […]

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