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Stop Setting Weight Loss Goals. I promise your life will be easier.

Last week during a session, one of my clients said something that really resonated with me. Whenever I set a weight loss goal, I always seem to do worse. I completely understand. Back in my days of being stuck in that never-ending diet circle, I was always setting weight loss goals. I will lose 10 […]

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5 Steps to Nurture Yourself and Stop the Negative Self-Talk

We’ve all been there: it’s been a long day and you’re tired and not feeling that workout you had planned. BUT you’re on roll with the Crossfit thing—you’ve been hitting PRs and you’ve set some lofty goals. You decide you’d rather go home and nap than do the WOD (Workout Of the Day), but then […]

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{Fall Nutritional Reset} “I felt more clear-headed, lighter & had enormous amounts of energy”

As we approach the Early Bird Deadline tomorrow, I wanted share some words from a former Nutritional Resetter about her experience. Carole did the Nutritional Reset last fall (formerly the Return to Nourishment) and the Nutritional Reset this past spring. Here is what she has to say: “I have had the very good fortune to […]

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My Healthy Pantry Essentials

While browsing the interwebs, I came across a post on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (R) Blog about Healthy Pantry Essentials. What a great idea, I thought. And then I decided to share my healthy pantry essentials with you (lucky!). First, let me say that I go grocery shopping about twice a week. Why? Because […]

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It’s Gonna be a Frisky Lemon Fall | What’s Happening in Frisky Lemon Land

There are lots of fun things going on in Frisky Lemon Land (TM), I thought I’d give ya’ll an update. The summer is (unfortunately) coming to a close. This means a little less fun in the sun, and a lot more organizing yourself for the fall. Stuff happens in the fall– kids go back to […]

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{Instagram Eats} Because I’m sure you want to know what I’m eating…

At every Paleo workshop I’ve ever given, someone asks: ” well, I get it but, what do you eat everyday? No seriously: what do you eat? I mean you, personally.” Or something like that. So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve eaten over the past week or so. Most of […]

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{Summer Re-Post} Skinny Girl Thrower: Why I like doing things I’m not good at

I originally posted this last August after a session with a client that got me thinking. Since this post, I’ve done lots of things I’m not good at…and gotten a little bit better after doing them. I was having an awesome session with a client a few weeks ago and we got to talking about […]

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