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Grain-free granola

Grain-Free Granola: This Stuff is Nuts

I have a weakness for granola. If there’s homemade granola within eyeshot, my little fist is probably already in it. I used to make mine with gluten-free oats–hey, a little oat now and then won’t kill me. (No, really–I’ve tested it and I’m not super sensitive to oats…so I eat them from time to time). […]

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A Meal I’m Obsessed With…

This is the meal with which I am obsessed. Leafy greens, usually some spring mix or kale, with fried eggs (on the runny side), raw sauerkraut and meat of some kind. The meat yesterday was oven roasted chicken sliced up deli style. I’m playing with the idea of whole food post workout nutrition, and picked […]

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