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{New Episode} Jessi Goes to Italy

Listen & Subscribe! or listen in Stitcher In this episode Jessi talks about what she learned on her recent trip to Italy. She talks about her food experiences and the best foods she indulged in during her trip. See her blog post that she refers to in the episode here. Upcoming Events! How to Reset […]

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{New Episode} At the Table with Jeff Bramhall

Listen & Subscribe! or listen in Stitcher In this episode we talk about getting back to your normal routine after Thanksgiving by doing something active, and our guest will definitely inspire you to do so! We talk with Jeff Bramhall, a manual therapist and movement coach. He shares his amazing journey to become a well […]

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{New Episode} What About…

Listen & Subscribe! In this episode we answer the popular question: What about [insert name of literally any food or exercise here]? We riff on just four topics in this episode: artificial sweeteners, bacon, tofu, and vegetable oil. Listen in to hear our takes on these for foods (or food-like products). We loved recording this […]

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{New Episode} Allison & Jessi’s Workouts!

Listen & Subscribe In this episode we divulge our workout routines, but first we provide you with a tip on how to manage cravings. This is a question we both get a lot and the only real way to manage cravings is to approach your cravings with some awareness. Craving a chocolate bar? Ask yourself […]

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