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The Secret to a Sustainable Lifestyle…

For the longest time, I thought that living a healthy lifestyle wasn’t supposed to be fun. You weren’t supposed to enjoy yourself. You weren’t supposed to eat delicious foods. It’s taken me years to realize that this isn’t true at all. In fact, the key to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle is enjoying what you’re […]

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How do you measure your progress-

How Do You Measure Your Progress?

 A fellow Health Coach posed an interesting question that really got me thinking… “In a world without technology, how would you measure your progress?” Meaning: in a world without a scale or body fat calipers or measuring tapes, how would you measure your progress. This got me thinking about how we usually gauge the movement […]

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{Friday Musings} Fancy Pizza Sunday

We have a weekly tradition in my family. Fancy Pizza Sunday. When this tradition started, we would order a buffalo chicken pizza from our favorite Italian restaurant. And it would always be delicious… …but our guts would be sad the next day. We stopped Fancy Pizza Sunday for a while when we first started Paleo […]

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