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Virtual Health Coaching

Coming Soon…Virtual Health Coaching!!

I have something new in the works that I’m REALLY excited about! A Frisky Lemon Virtual Health Coaching Membership! WOOT! I decided to create this program because more and more people have been asking for support that works with their super busy schedules– content that they can go over on their own time ( i.e. […]

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The Scoop On…The Winter Nutritional Reset!

21 Day Whole Food Cleanse Bounce back from the holidays with a Winter Nutritional Reset Everyone feels a little irregular food-wise between Thanksgiving and New Years. Blame the wild parties, the family events, the gingerbread cookies… Now is your chance to start feeling lighter and healthier. Have more energy and cleanse yourself of toxins and excess […]

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All or Nothing 006

5 Tips to End All or Nothing

You: Well, I ate that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Negative little voice (NLV):  You messed up your diet. Everything’s ruined now. There’s no turning back. You: I might as well eat the whole bag then. NLV:  You’ll never reach your goals anyway, so why not just eat crap for the rest of the day? You: I’ll just start eating […]

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Flexible Dieting Small Group Coaching Series through Well Within Massage and Integrative Health

This one’s for my peeps in the Boston Area! I’ll be leading/teaching a small group coaching series about Flexible Dieting at Well Within Massage and Integrative Health in Newton, MA starting September 17th! Click here to read more What is Flexible Dieting? When you’re following a Flexible Dieting Plan, you set certain calorie and macronutrient […]

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